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Kyoko Kawamura

Place of birth: 

Kyoko Kawamura was born in Tokyo. She started taking Koto lessons at the age of 10 inspired by the performance of Kin'ichi Nakanoshima. She studied Japanese music at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and majored in the Yamada school of Koto music. Since 1975, she has also been a master of "Itchu-bushi", narrative shamisen music, accredited by Miyako Itchu XI as "Miyako Ichisumi".

Kyoko Kawamura has also been an accredited performer of Japanese flute under the performing name of "Hyaku-murasaki".

On February 2002, she produced Toshio Hosokawa's new work Somon-ka-in Ajimano with Yo-Yo Ma and Nieuw Ensemble at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Then she performed this work in Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka (June-July 2002), at Klangspuren Schwaz (Sept. 2002, Austria), at Voix Nouvelles in Royaumont (Sept. 2002, France), and also in Amsterdam and in Rotterdam (Jan. and Feb. 2003).

On July 2003, she performed Ajimano-ni at Acanthes Centre in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon (France) and on March 2004, with Contrechamps in Geneva (Switzerland).

On November and December 2005, Kyoko Kawamura participated to the concert tour of Japanese traditional music in the USA.