KAIROS is the opportune moment. In the antique era, this Greek word described the felicitous conjunction of the here and now, the propitious and decisive moment when conditions are right for taking crucial action. Founded in 1999, it became part of paladino media (now called HNE Rights GmbH) in 2014, and is now artistically curated by its owner, cellist Martin Rummel (pictured left with the label's founder, Peter Oswald, who died in 2017). A strong network of international distributors have contributed to the international reputation of KAIROS to be one of, if not the most important record label for contemporary music.


By virtue of commitment to artistry of the highest level, KAIROS recordings have been awarded countless important international record prizes. KAIROS recordings can be found on “best of” lists of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit and The New York Times. KAIROS will continue its dedication to the adventure of exploring Contemporary Music in an uncompromising manner, with the utter conviction of its team that Contemporary Music is essential to human life.


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