Salvatore Sciarrino

April 4, 1947
Place of birth: 

Born in Palermo. Since his early childhood he has been interested in fine arts but gradually moved on when he discovered his interest for music. As a precocious talent he begins to compose as an autodidact at the age of twelve under the instruction of Antonio Titone. Then he is a student of Turi Belifore.
In 1962 his work is first performed during the 4th international week Nuova Musica in Palermo. He has been living in Città di Castello for several years.
He has received the following awards: I.G.N.M. 1971, Taormina 1971, Guido Monaco 1972, Cassadó, I.G.N.M. and Dallapiccola 1974, Anno discografico 1979, Psacaropoulos 19983, Abbiati 1983, Premio Italia 1984. Sciarrino was artistic director of the Theatro Comunale in Bologna for three years. He is professor at the conservatories in Mila, Perugia, and Florence.