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CESAR CAMARERO: Vanishing Point

Catalogue No.: 
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Recording Date: 
Oct. 2009
Recording Venue: 
June 2010

If all art is born from out of a condition of tension and if every artist lives in a state of inner conflict, the creative dilemma within César Camarero basically comes down to this: “do I give expression – yes or no, and if, yes, with how much clarity – to the vast wealth of riches that exist in my inner world? Thus, the art of Camarero is one of concealments and velatures, uncertainties, the scattering of hints and the obscuring of them. This is the terrain of an attractive mystery in which ideas demonstrate a certain reserve and are given voice to their totality. It is music of the night: but be careful, don’t let the light flood in and shatter the dream! And yet, at the same time, it is bold and strong music, certain of itself, in that it neither tolerates discussions, nor does it yield before anything which fails to reflect its own creative intuition.
(Álvaro Guibert)

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