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Oct. 2005
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October 2006

“... and every voice reaches listening ears”: When one blocks out the context of this formulation in Ovid’s brilliant description of the house of Fama, the beginning of Book XII of his Metamorphoses, one can imagine without difficulty a person, who would find this so obvious an experience, that at first it hardly seems worth mentioning. But everyone, who understands the world by hearing the voices that reach their ‘listening ears’ gains thereby a similar experience, which for the most part we tend to block out, whether in the noisy urban environment or mainly in ostensibly quieter rural surroundings. With every perception, we select, order, classify or, during a visit to a classical concert, aurally ‘correct’ mistunings and overhear those fine overtones, out of which a fascinating cosmos of new sounds has developed in the past decade. Yet if one reads the Ovid rather more carefully, a strange and unique feature of the place described comes into view: it does not distinguish where a sound comes from, does not ask what it is, accepts everything that comes to it, and allows it to reverberate within, transformed into a gentle resonance. What Fama, the goddess of Rumour, then does with this wealth of information lies on a different page of course, and we will yet have to return to it. The open ear registers what comes to it without prejudice, and each listener should not just consciously activate it now and then with music. And Ovid’s image contains something else: the description of Fama’s house as a space filled with sound acts as an express reminder that, for one thing, without a space, sound would be unthinkable. For another, it records both the distance between what is making the sound and the place of its perception as well as the bridging of this distance through the expanse of space. In addition, that account evokes something which fundamentally distinguishes the auditory from other senses of perception: in opposition to the visible, sounds moving in space can freely develop, overcome obstacles without effort and intermingle with one another, without losing their own unique characteristics. In was Ovid’s incredible conception of a place to which all the events and sounds of the world come and find resonance that always fascinated Beat Furrer. (Daniel Ender)

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