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15,60 €

BEAT FURRER: string quartet no. 3

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Recording Date: 
Jun. 2007
Recording Venue: 
Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal, Köln
June 2010

Beat Furrer’s Third String Quartet begins in a state of paralysis: toneless grinding, individual hard and high notes, dry, dripping, knocking, vibrating—isolated sounds occurring in a seemingly random way. But then the process repeats itself, a pulse becomes evident, and the grinding is associated with a sort of breathing; beating, creaking elements become audible, and the whole thing begins to move.
The beginning is actually an end. At the end stands paralysis. Beat Furrer begins the large, single-movement form of his Third String Quartet, which lasts over 50 minutes, with a gesture that had initially been planned as a conclusion. This process is an abstract one for the listener, since that which one perceives is a beginning. And every time the breathing becomes audible again later on, it will remind us of that beginning.

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