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Recording Date: 
Sep. 2009
Recording Venue: 
Euskadiko Orjestra' Concert Hall, San Sebastián
June 2009

In Basque the word Hauskor refers to that which potentially has the quality of breaking itself up into dust thanks to the inner dynamism of the material after which it is named. Thus comes the initial idea of the piece: eight cellists who, because of their new position in space, dim and blur the orchestral convention, trickling what seemed to be a homogeneous group into separate voices which end up confronting the wholeness from which they spring. It is the threshold of a conflict, and over this threshold leans and balances itself what could be alluded to as the production of sounds.

Ortzi Isilak
Ramon Lazkano took two quotations from Nietzsche as the thought and the expression of the sound environment from which the musical idea slowly emerges. These two references may be read philosophically and artistically but can also plainly allude to a certain figurative affinity with the contents of the work.

The five linked up sections of Ilunkor seek after the mineral and earthly ideas which were at the onset of their being designed. Carving sounds, creating volumes and crests out of silence, saturating harmony and carrying dynamics and ranges to extremes, conceiving shape as a maze of breakings and windows and time as an expanded dimension…

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