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15,60 €

HÈCTOR PARRA: Wortschatten

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Recording Date: 
Jun. 2008
Recording Venue: 
SWR Freiburg
November 2008

My study of the new ideas of avant-garde physics, of sculpture (which I practised intensively while living in Barcelona) and of contemporary dance as well as – and in particular – my collaboration with instrumentalists who dedicate themselves with unusual commitment to the first performances of new works (for example, Pierre Strauch) have led me in the past three years to “chisel out” a sharper, more varied and polyphonic language for stringed instruments. It is as though lively scenes were taking place in their interior, scenes in which the figures of a drama or a comedy interreact. At its heights, the fusion of an extremely irregular rhythm with the alternating articulation of strong, shrill notes in natural overtone positions, fragile overtone glissandi and very close tremoli creates a stroboscopic acoustical effect...

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