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15,60 €

ENNO POPPE: Interzone

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Recording Date: 
Sep 2004
Recording Venue: 
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
July 2006

The interstices are what fascinate artists. Interzone is one such interstice. The title is taken from the book of the same name by William S. Burroughs. It refers to the Moroccan city of Tangier, which was declared an 'international zone' in The Fez Treaty of 1912, thus remaining an undefined space, a zone of indeterminacy, sometimes also of lawlessness. An artificial world, and a world of art, that – not least among literary figures – took on an almost mythical significance. With Interzone, Poppe has broken new ground in his output. It is the product of a triangular relationship between a poet, a composer and a video artist. The complex, multi-layered nature of such a relationship is already indicated by the history of the work‘s composition. A work in progress whose genesis encompassed two years and a constant exchange between all parties involved with numerous changes, as a result of which a great deal of material was discarded, replanned, reconceived and gradually condensed from an idea into a concrete manifestation. (Rainer Pöllmann)

I made recordings of the continuous music
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