CLAUDE VIVIER: Orion . Siddharta

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Jan. 2004
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Kölner Philharmonie
July 2006

Siddhartha: Inspired by the short story Siddhartha (1922) by Hermann Hesse, this work by Claude Vivier was commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation hut could not, for various reasons, be premiered as scheduled in 1976 by the National Youth Orchestra of Canada under the direction of Marius Constant. The Canadian conductor and composer Walter Boudreau, who conducted the first performance in I986, has supplied the following commentary on the work. “Siddhartha probably represents the most revealing musical testament of Claude Vivier‘s thought and, from a formal point of view, it is also his most successfiil work. lt is direct, perfectly sculpted music that begins with a simple melody and broadens marvellously into a fantastic galaxy of ideas and emotions. “It is very sensitive music as well. The composer listens intently to his creative self and communicates his total being to us with disarming simplicity. “Finally, it is self-reflective music that feeds on its own substance in order to expand. Siddhartha is a living organism, a kind of cosmic child haunted by the idea of death and the infinite.“ (Jaco Mijnheer)

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